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Welcome To Global Hits Affiliate Instant-Pay

If you were presented with 2 hot affiliate programs, one paying you 60% instant-Pay Commissions, the other paying you 60% commissions payable within 4 weeks,
which one would you choose?

You betcha, the one offering 60% instant-Pay Commissions!

When you make a sale you get paid Instantly!

Our Instant-Pay Affiliate Program was specifically designed with the needs of internet marketers in mind.

We Offer a Unique Follow-up Cross-Prospecting Technology

Numerous studies have shown that a customer who buys a product from you is most likely to buy from you AGAIN. Our Affiliate Instant-Pay Program offers the ability to send unlimited follow-up emails for EACH product that you have.

Further, these follow-up messages are sent around the same time that they bought the product - when they are most likely to be online. After all, you don't want to send your messages along with hundreds of others that just get deleted en masse!

This allows you to thank your customer in a follow-up email, and opens up the possibility that you can market your other products that you sell to them!

Strategic Cross-Prospecting is one of the most powerful and
successful marketing techniques anywhere

We also offer an Intelligent fraud detection system to prevent cheating on affiliate commissions, e.g. customer cannot order from their own affiliate link.

We except PayPal paying methods.

All sales sites are personalized with all the affitiates names.

Our members have detailed Sales/Affiliate Stats and many other.

Signup Today and start getting payed Instantly!

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